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The Negative Side Effects of Using Trimix

In Sexual Health by Optimal Health MD

For decades, different medications and methods have been used to improve men’s sexual performance. These products range from oral, topical, supplements, injectable medications, penile injection therapy, and even surgeries.

In 2017, global erection dysfunction medications market was valued at $4.82 billion. And by 2024, it is expected to have risen to $7.10 billion. So, it is not surprising that the market is witnessing the introduction of new products regularly.

Trimix is one of the medications that has recently been the sexual enhancement drug market. While many users have testified to its effectiveness, its negative side effects are hardly discussed.

What is Trimix?

Trimix is an injectable treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is a mixture of three different drugs – phentolamine, alprostadil, and papaverine. The drug is compounded by a pharmacy, in a sterile environment, and administered on either side of the penis (intracavernosal). It stands as an alternative to the popular PDE5 inhibitor such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. If you have not been getting the desired results from other erectile dysfunction treatments, Trimix is often offered as a viable solution.

How Does Trimix Work?

Trimix is a self-injected medication that can be administered from the comfort of your home. Most pharmacies compound it to suit the individual patient’s needs. It is stable for up to six months if stored frozen and a month if refrigerated.

As a first time user, some clinics will administer the drug for you to show you how to do it yourself at home. You will also be given the right dosage according to the severity of your condition. Ideally, you should start on a low dose and observe the effects for a while before administering a higher dose. A maximum of three injections per week is usually prescribed, which must be at reasonable intervals at least 24 hours before the next dose.

What are the Side Effects of Trimix?

While Trimix is largely known to be safe and easily administered medication, you cannot completely rule out the negative side effects. Just like most other erectile dysfunction treatments, Trimix has some associated risks. However, this largely depends on certain factors, such as the dose and how it is injected. Its typical side effects include:

  • Pain or bruising: You may experience mild discomfort at the injection site.
  • Bleeding: This may also happen at the injection site and cause some black and blue blotching on the skin, which should vanish after some days. Bleeding usually occurs when you do not put enough pressure on the injection site after removing the needle.
  • Swelling: Your penile skin may temporarily swell after injecting the compound. This usually happens when the needle is not properly placed.
  • Priapism: Priapism is a prolonged erection of the penis and is one of the negative side effects of using Trimix. Many men have reported this after using the compound, though it can be easily managed if addressed early enough. As a rule of thumb, if an erection lasts longer than three hours, you should contact your doctor immediately. Leaving priapism unattended can lead to other complications, such as severe pain, which may require an operation.

Is Trimix Effective?

Most men have expressed satisfaction after using it. It is especially good for men who have experienced limited or no success with other treatments for poor sexual performance. In order to determine whether or not the compound will work for you, you will need first to establish the underlying cause of your poor sexual performance.

If you have already started the medication, you need to ensure the best procedures are followed to maximize its effectiveness – mainly, storage and administration. Some don’t get the desired results because they are using other supplements or medications that interfere with the drug.

Anti-depressants and high blood pressure medications, allergy medications, and recreational drugs are some of the things that may inhibit or reduce the effectiveness of Trimix. Another factor is anxiety or stress. Being under any form of psychological pressure will not only affect your sex life but also hamper the results from your efforts to treat it.

Physical conditions like diabetes as well as heart and kidney diseases are other reasons you may not get the maximum effect from using Trimix. As advised by the University of Utah, some important things to consider when using Trimix are:

  • Ensure the drug is always kept in the refrigerator
  • Never administer the drug more than once in a day
  • Don’t increase the dosage by more than 0.05 to avoid a painful erection that may not go away
  • If you suspect a needle is contaminated, don’t use it
  • Don’t share the medications or needles with other people
  • The needle must not touch any object other than the alcohol-wiped ample stopper or your penile skin

Other Risks of Using Trimix

The major risks of Trimix use are overdose and incorrect prescriptions. It is meant to be customized according to each person’s case. Taking overdose will put you at risk of painful, prolonged erections and affect your general performance.

Under the circumstances, Trimix is meant to be provided by a pharmacist. However, there is now a black market for it, which has been responsible for unguarded preparation and application of the drug.

Because of this, some men have been sent to the emergency room as a result of priapism. To be on the safe side, be sure you receive the compound from a certified pharmacy and follow the instructions carefully.

How Soon Before I Begin to Notice Its Effects?

One of the major benefits of Trimix is its immediacy and potency. Most men experience an almost instantaneous outcome. Within 5 to 15 minutes after the injection, you should experience an erection. The erection can also last for 30 minutes to an hour. However, keep in mind that the results are not the same in every case.

For some men, it takes longer to experience an erection. If you are not getting quick and lasting results, you need to discuss this with your physician. This may be due to an inadequate dose or your health history. The severity of your erectile dysfunction, being overweight, or taking certain prescription medications can also affect the results.

After proper evaluation, your doctor may adjust the dose or prescribe another therapy that will better suit your needs. Your partner can help here as well. Sometimes, adequate foreplay and excitement can go a long way in maximizing the results you will get from most penile injection drugs.

Is Trimix Approved by the FDA?

Trimix’s approval is somewhat murky. Like most penile injection treatments, Trimix has yet to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, all three of its active ingredients (phentolamine, alprostadil, and papaverine) are approved medications for erectile dysfunction. This gives it an edge over other medications in its class.

Trimix’s first use dates back to the 1980s, though it became less popular as many other easier-to-use treatments came to the market. Due to its effectiveness, it began to gain traction several years ago.

Is Trimix Painful?

It is understandable how unnerving it can be to insert a needle into your penis. You are not alone – most men felt the same as first-time users. However, Trimix injection has proven to be very easy.

Apart from the momentary and mild discomfort at the injection site, the procedure is not a painful or difficult one. After watching the first demonstration, you will be able to do it yourself. There is also an auto-injection option, which can make it much more comfortable. It is a spring-loaded device that automatically helps you inject the needle. Auto-injection is a good option for those who have reservations with self-injection as it also helps reduces discomfort.