Testosterone Therapy


What is "Low T"?

Testosterone is a hormone that everyone has circulating in their bodies. People typically associate the hormone with men because its the male sex hormone. At puberty testosterone begins to rise, and this rise in testosterone level leads to male features; deeper voice, bigger muscles, and more body hair. However, once you reach about the age of 35, your testosterone levels begin to decline significantly. This decline impacts energy levels, libido, and concentration. Other symptoms of "low T" are hair loss, abnormal sleep, and decreased muscle mass. A key solution to preventing and reversing the symptoms associated with "low T" is maintaining your testosterone at optimal levels. This can be done through a special testosterone regimen known as testosterone therapy.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy is a revolutionary treatment system for dealing with low testosterone. Testosterone therapy has been used for decades and is trusted by doctors around the world. Most concerns regarding testosterone therapy surround individuals who have self-prescribed testosterone and have abused the hormone to extreme levels.

Fortunately, at Optimal Health, we have a certified network of doctors that are trained to prescribe testosterone. When testosterone is carefully administered by a doctor, risk is minimized and patients are monitored.

In addition, many studies published in recent years have found that testosterone therapy has the potential to reduce heart attacks and has no link to an increased risk of any cancer.

Testosterone therapy has proven to be a safe and effective way of treating
"low T" and has a wide range of benefits.

The benefits of Testosterone Therapy are:
Increased Stamina
Decreased Weight
Heightened Concentration
Higher Libido
Deeper Sleep

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