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How Long Does HGH Take to Work?

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How Long Does HGH Take to Work?

When aging adults find their bodies changing and looking differently negatively, most look for ways to improve their health and appearance. Some look into taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH). If you’re thinking of trying HGH to enhance your health and appearance, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to work. Here is a breakdown by month for six months explaining what to expect when you’re undergoing HGH treatment.

Changes You’ll See in the First Few Weeks

Depending on which stage of aging you’re at, you may not see changes in your body for a couple of weeks. Some people, however, see results in just one week. Even if you don’t see changes in your body the first week, there’s nothing to worry about. Aging is a complicated process and reversing that process may take some time. Factors that may impact your results are the following:

  • Your age
  • The extent of your health state
  • Your overall health and medical history
  • Dosage of your Human Growth Hormone prescription

It’s important for you to take HGH as prescribed by your doctor. Rather than help speed up the process of getting positive results, you can harm your body and make it worse.

HGH Therapy Results at One Month

In the first month of HGH treatment, you should already start to notice some big changes, including:

  • Enhanced endurance and strength causing you to have an easier and more productive workout
  • Increased vitality and strength, making you more resourceful
  • Better concentration and attention, allowing you to work more productively on challenging, long-lasting tasks
  • Improved mood

These first signs that your HGH therapy is working should give you the motivation to keep going with your treatment. In just a few weeks, you’ll find your body is working more optimally and you’ll feel better.

HGH Therapy Results at Two Months

The biggest change you’ll see in two months after you start HGH treatment is in your appearance. HGH injections help your body repair cells quicker. The result of this is your skin and muscle tone start to improve, giving you the beginning of a better look. 

The biggest change in appearance you’ll notice is weight loss. If you want to shed pounds, now is the time you’ll start to see it happening. This is because Human Growth Hormone will fix your metabolism and speed it up.

Apart from your appearance, you’ll also notice that your sight improves. Aging causes the eye muscles to weaken. HGH therapy will tone up the eye muscles, leading to enhanced vision, including night vision.

HGH Therapy Results at Three Months

Three months of HGH treatment will bring you many positive results. This is the time you’ll notice an improvement in the look and texture of your hair. Also, if you suffer from osteoporosis, you’ll find that your bones are getting stronger and less permeable, you’ll have less pain in your joints, and you’ll become more flexible.

If you’re a woman, you’ll start to notice positive changes that are only experienced by women. For example, many women experience strong premenstrual symptoms (PMS) as their bodies age. HGH therapy will eliminate those symptoms. Also, if you’re in pre-menopause or menopause, you’ll feel physically and emotionally better, including your sex life. This will cause you to have a better quality of life.

HGH Therapy Results at Four Months

Intensified. This word completely describes what four months of HGH therapy will do. All the changes you see in the first three months will be enhanced and intensified, including your:

  • Complexion 
  • Hair condition
  • Strength level
  • Stamina
  • Emotional state

These changes are so drastic that you might not recognize yourself in the mirror.

Even more amazing is how Human Growth Hormone will fix your metabolic process, returning your body to what is was when you were young. At four months of HGH treatment, your body reverts to a “juvenile” metabolic process. In fact, in most cases, HGH injections will cause your body to function as if you are 20 years old. Here you’ll find your body will undergo progressive fat burning and increased muscle size. If you add sports and physical training to your therapy, the outcomes double.

HGH Therapy Results at Five Months

Let’s say you’re into five months of HGH treatment. Everything, from your complexion to muscle tone to mood, has drastically improved. But wait, there’s more. Five months of HGH therapy will:

  • Make discolored skin patches less visible on your body
  • Make your hair shine, become thicker, and have more elasticity
  • Show noticeable refinements in your total look

Five months of HGH treatment gives you a refined, optimally functioning body. At this point, you may be completely satisfied with the results of your treatment. You look good, and even more importantly, feel better. You may think that it can’t get any better. But you haven’t seen the six-month mark of HGH therapy yet.

HGH Therapy Results at Six Months

Half a year of HGH therapy will show you the best results to date. If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders, plan on getting some long-needed sleep at six months of HGH treatment. Those patients that suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders record better and deeper sleep.

You’ll also see at six months of HGH therapy the following:

  • A better immunologic function
  • A stronger heart-vascular system
  • A greater level of energy, vitality, and stamina
  • Smoother and younger skin
  • Faster metabolism

With the combination of improved metabolic functions and Human Growth Hormone’s ability to stimulate muscle growth, you’re going to see your body transform in every way, including a better body shape, stronger and more flexible bones, bigger muscles, and enhanced stamina. With all of this, you’ll be more productive and efficient when playing sports and, thus, have better results. Furthermore, you’ll be able to perform more intensified physical activities than before.

Since fat is burning faster, the fat in your body will drop to basically nothing and cellulite will decrease. This will make your body have better contours, giving you a defined body. At this point in HGH treatment, you won’t have to worry about your diet.

Finally, older patients report that their hair restores and restructures, giving it a better texture, making it thicker, and even restoring its natural color.

Before and After Results According to Body Functions

Knowing how your body will improve each month when you undergo HGH therapy is quite helpful in deciding if the treatment is right for you. Knowing, specifically, how each bodily function shows before and after HGH treatment is also helpful. Here’s a look at how your body might be functioning now and how your body will react after taking HGH injections.

Your Overall Well-Being

Before: You suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders, have a decrease or lack of energy, experience depression and weak productivity, and have poor concentration.

After: You’ll experience renewed vitality, deep and healthy sleep, enhanced mental capacities, increased productivity, and a stable, optimistic mood.

Your Physical Abilities

Before: You lack endurance and vitality and suffer from weak eyesight, especially at night.

After: You’ll have improved vision, enhanced stamina, better results in sports, and an ability to do high-intense training.

Your Body Condition 

Before: You suffer from a high fat to muscle ratio and poor muscle tone that negatively affects your overall body functions, possibly leading to extra weight.

After: You’ll experience immense fat loss, improved body contours, and a trimmer and more muscular body.

Your Appearance

Before: You see your first wrinkles, discolored skin patches, and dry and graying hair.

After: You’ll have healthier and improved skin tone, more elastic skin, thicker and shinier hair, and fewer gray hairs.

HGH therapy is known to improve and enhance your overall health and appearance. When undergoing HGH treatment, you’ll notice a profound positive difference in all areas of your body, giving you a healthier, more energetic, and more productive life.

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