How Long Does Shockwave Therapy for ED Last?

In Men's Health by Optimal Health MD

Shockwave Therapy is a widely recognized new treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. In comparison to other treatment alternatives, its long-lasting effectiveness is one factor that allows it to stand out. While other current treatments are mostly temporary, shockwave therapy, on the other hand, offers the possibility of permanent renewal of erectile functions. Based on initial results of clinical research in the United States and other parts of the world, it can be concluded that the future of ED therapy is being changed by shockwave therapy.

Research Proof of Long-Lasting Effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy for ED 

The efficacy of Shockwave Therapy for ED was assessed in 20 men who suffered from mild-to-moderate ED as a result of cardiovascular disease in a study published by Science Direct. All subject previously reacted to PDE5 inhibitors. The first three weeks of research included two treatments every week. Subsequently, a three-week no-treatment period was conducted, followed by a second three-week period of two treatments per week. Both short-term and long-term results were indicated: 

  • 75 percent of the subjects showed progress with each person presenting an average increase of 7.4 points in IEEF-EF. 
  • Blood flow to the penis and nocturnal penile tumescence (the natural erection of the penis when sleeping and just waking up) increased. 
  • After six months, most of the subjects could still have a spontaneous erection adequate for penetration without PDE5 inhibitors.

There was also another research study involving 29 men who did not respond to PDE5 inhibitors. The study indicated that 76 percent (22 out of 29) showed an improved IIEF-EF domain score of no less than five points, increasing from a baseline of 8.8 to 18.8.

How Does Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Shockwave Therapy for ED is a non-invasive procedure used to increase blood flow to the penis using low-energy shock impulses. Whenever a man is stimulated, the arteries that supply blood to the penis should open. This blood flow leads to an erection firm and strong enough for sexual intercourse. Enough blood flow also keeps the veins contracted until ejaculation. Due to a dysfunctional penile area, men with ED or impotence cannot get or maintain an erection, which can cause emotional, psychological, or medical problems. 

Natural stimulation of sexual urges improves with Shockwave Therapy by helping new blood vessels grow from the existing vessels. After treatment, these newly produced blood vessels will help boost your sexual performance, help you get better and more frequent orgasms, satisfy your partner better, and therefore regain your self-confidence. 

The effects of Shockwave Therapy could last for several years, according to research. When compared to other ED treatments, such as injections, oral medications and vacuum devices, which only provide a temporary solution and must be repeated for each sexual encounter, Shockwave Therapy is a highly preferred option. 

Is Shockwave Therapy Only Used for Erectile Dysfunction? 

Shockwave therapy is not meant only for men with Erectile Dysfunction. It is also available for both women with sexual dysfunction problems and men who enjoy a healthy sex life but want to enhance their sexual performance. 

Worldwide studies show that Shockwave Therapy is also beneficial for men with Peyronie’s disease since it supports angiogenesis and improves blood flow to the penis.

A healthy sex life in any sexual relationship is extremely important. Regardless of how old you are, you will always want to perform your best sexually. It does not matter how healthy your sex life is, you may still want to boost your performance. Shockwave Therapy is one of the best treatment options available for this. You do not have to suffer from ED to benefit from the effectiveness of the treatment. 

How Long Will I be in Treatment? 

A doctor or medical specialist will conduct a thorough medical history of your case before treatment. Their assessment determines how many sessions you will need and for how long. At our South Florida in-clinic treatments, our doctors usually prescribe 6 to 12 sessions, which would be two treatments every week. Each treatment lasts about 15-30 minutes. 

Shockwave Therapy MD also has available the PowerWave Personal home unit, which can be used for privacy, personal, physical convenience, as well as for a long-term usage solution. For a great price, Shockwave Therapy can be used in the privacy of your own home without any limits to the number of treatments you can conduct. With the PowerWave, you can use the treatment until the desired results are achieved as often as needed. The PowerWave technology is also helpful to relieve aches and pains throughout the body.

Does Shockwave Therapy for ED Have Side Effects? 

One of the merits this treatment has over other ED therapies is that there is no evidence of any side effects. Worldwide, the process and after-effects have shown to be fully free of complications. Unlike surgery, Viagra, and other sexual enhancement drugs that can have many side effects, Shockwave Therapy is not only safe, but it also helps remove the cause of ED. Aside from the tingling sensation during treatment and the possibility of redness in the treated area after treatment, the procedure is painless and stress-free. 

Another positive is that Shockwave Therapy for ED ensures a quick turnaround. You will be able to have sexual intercourse as soon as the treatment is completed. 

Furthermore, it is not necessary for you to take time off from work. You will be able to resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure. Although the treatment does not have FDA approval, the fact is that it is a harmless, effective, and long-lasting answer to ED.