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Testosterone Therapy Cost

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What is the Price for Testosterone?

One factor to be considered in the decision into which of the various testosterone medications and preparations are right for you is cost. Be sure to discuss this factor with your testosterone specialist. Consider the fact that the goal of testosterone supplementation is to increase Low T Levels enough to bring your testosterone back to normal range, but not exceed the range that is optimal for you.

Cost of Low Testosterone Treatment. Many TRT patients ask, “How much does testosterone cost without insurance?” The average cost of low testosterone treatment ranges from $300 to $500 per month. Many insurance companies do not cover the full cost of Low T Therapy or all the forms of TRT or other hormone drugs such as HGH (Somatropin) that may be needed as part of a medically supervised TRT Program.

Will Insurance cover the Cost of Testosterone? Many insurance companies have very high monthly co-pays that can reach $100 plus per month. The type of testosterone you select for therapy also affects the cost. While Low T Injections are the cheapest form of TRT and cost an average of $300 to $500 per month, depending on dosage and injection frequency, a complete androgen treatment plan requires auxiliary medicines such as AI’s (Aromatase Inhibitors – Anastrozole / Arimidex), estrogen blockers, and HCG Injections to help prevent testicular atrophy and for PCT Post Cycle Treatment. 

Finding affordable TRT Programs online. if you are looking online for Low T Therapy doctors and clinics with the training and experience to treat both Andropause and Erectile Dysfunction caused by androgen insufficiency, as well as the best prices, our doctors at Optimal Health MD are the best trained in the United States. Call us today or fill out the Free Consultation Form to find a testosterone clinic and specialists or to get more information on types and cost of Low T Treatment.

Does Testosterone Need to be Used with HGH? 

Benefits of using Testosterone with Human Growth Hormone

Many physicians prescribe Human Growth Hormone Therapy along with Testosterone Treatment.  Both Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone have anabolic qualities; however Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, while HGH is not. Rather, Growth Hormone Injection or Somatropin, is an amino peptide that does not have the androgenic properties or aromatase action which can cause estrogenic effects in men taking testosterone replacement drugs. These two essential hormones work together in the body and each complements the other to improve body composition, increase sexual desire, boost libido and sexual function, build bigger muscle and lean muscle mass, burn adipose body fat and better distribute fat cells, help with weight loss, promote mental acuity, enhance mood, drive, motivation and performance. In addition to these benefits, testosterone supplementation is well-known to treat Osteoporosis, and provide a sense of well-being by helping to alleviate wide mood swings and depression.

Testosterone Before and After

How Long Does It Take to See Results after Testosterone Therapy?

Most men who take testosterone report feeling and seeing positive results after Testosterone Therapy within the first month or two of starting a Testosterone Replacement program.  

On-Going Testosterone Testing and Monitoring

Testosterone Replacement specialistsrecommend you get an evaluation every three to six months after Testosterone treatment initiation and then annually to assess whether symptoms have responded to treatment and whether there are any adverse effects. Compliance is also checked. We suggest aiming at achieving serum testosterone levels during treatment in the mid-normal range. In men receiving testosterone enanthate or cypionate, we suggest aiming for testosterone levels between 400 and 700 ng/dl one week after the injection. 

Anotherrecommendation is determining hematocrit at baseline, at three to six months, and then annually. If hematocrit is above 54 percent, therapy should be discontinued until hematocrit decreases to a safe level, then the patient should be evaluated for hypoxia and sleep apnea, and then therapy should be reinitiated at a reduced dose. We suggest repeating bone mineral density of the lumbar spine, femoral neck, and hip after one to two years of testosterone therapy in hypogonadal men with osteoporosis or low trauma fracture. In men 40 years of age or older who have a baseline PSA greater than 0.6 ng/ml, we recommend digital examination of the prostate and PSA measurement before initiating treatment, at three to six months, and then in accordance with evidence-based guidelines for prostate cancer screening, depending on the age and race of the patient.

Best Testosterone Doctors – Male Hormone Specialists

Hormone Replacement Therapy helps to improve both your sexual function and overall health. If you have ED (Erectile Dysfunction), The Endocrine Society recommends that doctors offer testosterone replacement therapy to men with low testosterone levels and corresponding low libido or sexual dysfunction to improve libido, strengthen erections, and frequency of sex. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or symptoms of impotence can be successfully treated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Men who have clinically demonstrated low testosterone levels caused by hypogonadism can be helped with testosterone optimization. Hormones are considered deficient when male sex hormone blood serum levels are below 300 ng/dl. 

With over 25,000 satisfied customers nationwide and 20 years of experience, Optimal Health MD has hormone doctors who have specialized experience treating andropause symptoms and using Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Our hormone specialists have been trained by Cenegenics® and the Cleveland Clinic®, and are board certified, anti-aging and regenerative medicine licensed professionals. They can design a personalized HRT program specifically for the symptoms you are experiencing that are caused by hormone deficiency. 

Call us today or fill out the Free Consultation Form to speak to a Testosterone Specialist and receive the most competitive pricing on the market for Testosterone Injections and other hormone replacement medications like HCG and HGH Human Growth Hormone.