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Prescription Low T Therapy vs. Natural Remedies

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Traditional Low Testosterone Therapy vs. Natural Testosterone Therapy

The recent commercials for “Low T” products on TV and online demonstrate a new awareness of the impact Testosterone Deficiency can have on men and their sex lives. Many men are wondering if their fatigue, excessive weight gain, inability to recover from exercise, irritability, bad mood, and decreasing interest in sex, or erectile dysfunction are results of abnormally low levels of testosterone known as Low T.

Men suffering from low T symptoms who think they may be testosterone deficient and are unsure of how to seek medical help should not ignore this health condition that affects aging adult men. Rather, if you think you may have low T, confirm your testosterone levels with a fast and easy blood test. If confirmed, our testosterone hormone replacement doctors can tell you how to proceed with a Low Testosterone treatment program.

If you are a man who suffers from low testosterone and its associated symptoms, you now have many options when it comes to testosterone treatment.

While some men choose to use topical creams, gels, patches or take pills or some other forms of oral therapy, most men prefer to receive testosterone injections. Some men, however, wish to complement the more traditional forms of testosterone therapy like testosterone injections with “natural” treatments, exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and stress management.

The most effective approach to natural testosterone therapy is a holistic one that results in increased sexual activity, improved muscle tone and strength, reduced fatty tissue and weight loss, sharper memory, improved mood and better sleep. Many men are ecstatic when their desire for sex and ability to have sex is restored. An adequate amount of testosterone is required in order to have and maintain an erection for sex. Testosterone replacement can save a marriage or intimate relationship. Many men on testosterone report more erections, firmer erections, and more orgasms as a result of an increase in testosterone in their system. Having sex also helps increase a man’s testosterone production naturally.

Boosting testosterone with male hormone therapy compensates for the testes’ inability to produce more testosterone and permits a constant, steady and sustained optimal elevation in free testosterone in your body. Increases in testosterone levels are reported to help men’s bodies return to their previous levels.

Endocrinologists, Age Management Doctors, and Anti-Aging and Hormone Therapy Doctors believe that natural methods can help stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone and can enhance a testosterone replacement program. These medical specialists embrace the holistic medical approach to low T treatment including beneficial changes to lifestyle, diet and nutrition, proper exercise, weight loss management, and stress reduction.

With a sustained increase of testosterone in their bodies as a result of testosterone replacement therapy, men with Low T can get their old lives back and start living with enthusiasm again. Men concerned about their “Low T” levels should consider both the traditional form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) combined with the holistic or natural approach to male HRT in order to achieve the hormone balance they need to live better and healthier lives.

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