Comprehensive HGH Guide

HGH / Growth Hormone Treatment Benefits

In HGH by Optimal Health MD

• Increase energy and stamina

• Reduce weight; burn body fat

• Enhance cardiovascular health 

• Increase sexual desire 

• Increase sexual frequency/libido

• Increase lean muscle mass

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Enhance your immune system

• Strengthen bone and density

• Lower your blood pressure

• Smooth wrinkles and cellulite

• Improve your memory and mood

• Improve metabolism and burn fat 

• Improve Cholesterol HDL/LDL

Why use Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone is released in pulses or bursts from the pituitary gland. It’s one of the most vital hormones in the endocrine system. A complex protein molecule, HGH is made of 191 amino acids linked in a particular order. It’s most active during the night when you sleep and during strenuous exercise. The HGH pulses range between a low of 10 during the day and up to 50 at night. Children have high levels of HGH in order to grow, giving them resiliency and energy. Some children who need help growing are prescribed HGH by Endocrine Physicians. After the age of 30, Growth Hormone deficiencies occur because HGH declines significantly. By the age of 60, the decline is at 80 percent. This decline occurs, more specifically, during menopause in women and andropause in men. It can cause HGH imbalance or deficiency. Many Age Management Physicians and Anti-Aging Medicine doctors believe aging happens because adults’ hormones decline. In turn, HGH plays a prominent role in maintaining and healing the body. With HGH injections, you can replace lost or low levels of natural human growth hormone and restore the natural balance of your hormones. This process is known as hormone optimization.

HGH for AGHD, Menopause & Andropause

HGH is used to treat Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, Menopause and Andropause Symptoms

Adult Hormone Deficiency 

Between the ages of 30 – 55, supplements such as HGH pills may become inadequate to increase your IGF-1 levels. Because of this, prescription HGH injections will become necessary as part of a doctor-supervised HRT program. The first official medical study of the positive effects of HGH on adult men and their body composition was performed by Dr. Daniel Rudman. For six months, using somatropin injections, Dr. Rudman replaced growth hormone in a group of elderly veterans. The successful health results showed the following benefits:

  • a 10 percent increase in lean muscle mass, 
  • 14 percent loss of body fat (adipose fatty tissue), 
  • an 8.8 percent increase in bone density and 
  • reversal of osteoporosis. 

Based on this data, many Anti-Aging specialists and Endocrine Doctors will prescribe human growth hormone for menopause treatment and andropause therapy.  HGH treatment is used to help prevent and reverse the signs and symptoms of premature aging

Why use Injectable HGH for Therapy?

Only Real Growth Hormone in the form of Injections are Effective

The results of Dr. Rudman’s HGH Therapy study were improved energy, increase in sex drive and potency, positive expansion of the vertebrae, reduced joint and muscle pain, thickening of the hair, increased hydration of the skin, better sleep, improved vision, memory and mood. The positive effect in skin thickening made these veteran men look younger. Dr. Rudman’s HGH study concluded that HGH injections can help treat and reverse certain signs and symptoms of aging. Consequently, Human Growth Hormone was approved for the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency. Additionally, HGH treatment is one of the most popular forms of hormone therapy practiced by Endocrine specialists.

You can only get Real HGH or Somatropin from licensed physicians and US pharmacies. HGH comes in different forms, including one of the new growth hormone auto-inject pen devices, or in the form of a lyophilized powder that is mixed with bacteriostatic water to activate the growth hormone. The solution is injected daily by Subcutaneous injections into the fatty tissue using a small insulin needle. Only real HGH injections can deliver real positive treatment results. HGH pills and sprays sold online don’t have real HGH. Medical studies have proven real benefits for men and women suffering from age-related hormonal imbalance and decline such as andropause and menopause.   Injectable HGH treatment and testosterone therapy can help boost low libido and increase sexual desire, increase energy levels, build lean muscle, burn body fat, help lose weight, improve sleep and memory, and enhance mood. Call us to learn more about healthy aging and the before and after results you can achieve with testosterone and HGH therapy.

HGH and Anti-Aging

HGH Replacement Therapy and Aging – Can Growth Hormone Slow Down the Aging Process?

Age-related changes in adult men and women occur during and after the decline in HGH levels as measured by IGF-1 levels in the blood. HGH deficiency include the following signs and symptoms: a loss of lean muscle, increase in body fat, loss of libido, bone loss, loss of energy and vitality, memory loss, sleep problems, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and inability to focus, increased bad cholesterol, inability to recover from exercise, dry hair, wrinkling of the skin, lethargy and depression. Many of these symptoms can be relieved with injectable HGH bio-identical hormone replacement. There is clinical proof that using HGH in a doctor-supervised HRT program can help treat symptoms of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD), Menopause and Andropause. Real Growth Hormone or Somatropin is not specifically prescribed for anti-aging purposes, but the potential health benefits have shown positive results. Anti-Aging Doctors, Age Management Physicians and Endocrine specialists can test your HGH levels, diagnose and treat growth hormone deficiency. Call us to learn how to get HGH prescribed by our doctors. 

Can I Buy HGH Injections Online?

You can only get Human Growth Hormones with a legal prescription from your doctor. There are no exceptions to this important requirement. In order to buy real injectable somatropin, you must have a medical need, as evidenced by a recent blood test and physical examination. At Optimal Health MD our HGH Replacement Physicians are Cenegenics® andCleveland Clinic trained endocrine professionals. Contact our Hormone Treatment Center if you have any questions about how to purchase growth hormone injections, including where to find HGH for sale. We’re the leading supplier of injectable Human Growth Hormone for use in HGH Therapy and offer the best prices for purchasing HGH. If you’re in HGH treatment, ask our hormone specialists how you can buy HGH injections at the lowest price. Our Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy Programs are carefully supervised and managed by the most experienced endocrine and age management physicians in the US. Contact our HGH and Testosterone medical clinic to obtain help getting and using Human Growth Hormone without having to leave your home, after you obtain your initial medical tests.

At Optimal Health MD we offer natural or Bio-identical HGH Therapy, and with over 20,000 patients nationwide, we can provide you the best service and prices for HGH injections. Our Physicians are Cenegenics® and Cleveland Clinic® trained and we have an A+ Rating with the BBB. Our HGH Physicians carefully listen to you and they are experts in the fields of endocrinology, age management and hormone therapy.