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How Can HGH Benefit Men during Andropause and Women during Menopause?

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Since Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and its role in the human body was discovered, it has been proved that it offers many benefits for aging adults. The signs and symptoms of aging can be prevented and even reversed with HGH. To reap the benefits of HGH, you do need a doctor’s prescription. 

Relieving symptoms of andropause and menopause, including low energy, sleep disturbances, hot flashes, loss of sex drive and mood swings are the major reasons patients get medical help and want to find out more about the benefits of using HGH.

As life goes by, growing older is something you think you just may have to accept. But there is no reason why, since living a longer life and having a better quality of life is possible. The signs and symptoms of aging don’t have to take over your life. You can do something about it!

For those facing middle age, aging becomes not only a fact of life, but also a time when your health starts to decline. Around the age of 40, your body starts to undergo changes and is no longer performing at the level it used to. You might be in great shape, exercise a few times a week, eat well, take vitamins, but it doesn’t seem to matter because you’re feeling the negative effects of aging. What can you do when you hit this mark? And, what can be done to prevent premature aging? Hormone optimization can be the answer, especially for those men and women who have symptoms of hormone imbalance or decline.

HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Although discovered a long time ago, Daniel Rudman is the one who discovered its benefits for aging. His findings were published in the New England Journal in 1990. That’s when HGH started to get mainstream attention. Rudman tested the hormone on a group of elderly men and compared the beneficial changes with a test control group that didn’t receive HGH. Since then, other medical researchers have conducted HGH research and have confirmed Rudman’s findings – that HGH can stop and even reverse the aging process!

Although not prescribed specifically for anti-aging purposes, HGH Treatment benefits include relieving many of the signs and symptoms of aging. Because of this, many Age Management Physicians, Hormone Specialists, and Anti-Aging Medicine Doctors take a comprehensive, holistic approach to aging, which includes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), exercise, diet, nutrition, weight loss and stress management.

Originally meant to be administered only to children with growth difficulties, it soon becomes obvious that HGH could help the elderly, and before long, middle-aged people as well.

The reason why aging and HGH are correlated is that both men and women experience a decline in HGH levels during menopause and andropause (the male menopause), when HGH levels are at their lowest. Because HGH levels are so low, the deficiency causes negative health symptoms that can only be treated with growth HRT.

It took a while before pharmaceutical companies learned how to manufacture HGH synthetically. Manufacturing costs are high, causing HGH to be expensive to make and get legally. Due to high demand and the high cost of HGH, there are many illegal websites where you can get it. Most people who use this illegal method of obtaining HGH are athletes, giving HGH a negative connotation. Not only are athletes obtaining HGH illegally, but they’re also abusing it, for the purpose of gaining a performance edge.

Benefits of HGH

  • HGH Slows Aging
  • HGH Reverses the Skin’s Signs Of Aging
  • HGH Helps in Organ Restoration
  • HGH Improves Vision
  • HGH Boosts Immunity
  • HGH Improves Memory
  • HGH Promotes Hair Growth
  • HGH Promotes Weight Loss
  • HGH Reduces Cellulite
  • HGH Reduces Wrinkles
  • HGH Improves Mental Health
  • HGH Improves Mood
  • HGH Improves Sleep
  • HGH Accelerates Wound Healing
  • HGH Improves Bone Density
  • HGH Improves Cardiac Functions
  • HGH Increases Energy Levels
  • HGH Helps Manage Diabetes
  • HGH Treats Crohn’s Disease
  • HGH Increases Exercise Capacity
  • HGH Increases Height
  • HGH Increases Muscle Mass
  • HGH Increases Sexual Performance
  • HGH Lowers Blood Pressure
  • HGH Lowers Cholesterol Levels

HGH Pills vs Injectable HGH

HGH or rDNA somatropin injections are the only way to get the positive health effects of HGH. Although HGH pills and GH supplements sold online may help to boost hormone levels slightly, they don’t contain real HGH. Moreover, pills and sprays aren’t effective at increasing low growth hormone levels due to a genuine hormonal deficiency. To read more about real HGH, read more about the Real HGH Injections. 

You need to know the legalities of purchasing HGH online. You can legally obtain a prescription from one of our center’s doctors if you have a hormonal imbalance or deficiency. Our local endocrine doctors can tell you if hormone therapy is the answer for you, prescribe HGH, tell which are the best brands of injectable HGH, tell you how to buy somatropin and how much an HGH prescription costs. 

HGH Side Effects and Risks

Potential side effects of HGH treatment are rare. Side effects can occur when HGH is used longer than recommended in larger-than-recommended dosages. These possible side effects include hypoglycemia, , acromegaly (enlargement of face and body), extended belly, carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint pain. To prevent negative side effects, always obtain a legal prescription from a licensed medical doctor such as the anti-aging, specialized Doctors available at Optimal health MD, and take your medication as prescribed. 

The myth that HGH use can cause abnormal bone growth is not true. After puberty, the ends of long bones fuse and are no longer able to grow. In adults, GH helps maintain and repair muscle and bone tissue. This maintenance and repairing promotes healing, cell regeneration and the growth of new muscle makes HGH most beneficial. Most people seek out somatropin, HCG and testosterone because these hormones affect the body’s metabolism, fat distribution, libido, muscle strength and growth. Relieving symptoms of andropause and menopause like hot flashes, low energy, sleep disturbance, loss of sex drive and mood swings are the major reasons patients get medical help and ask about HGH.

To reap the benefits of HGH, all you need is a doctor’s prescription. To get more HGH treatment info and pricing from our specialists at Optimal health MD, fill out the Quick Info Form.