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Real HGH and How to Get it

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The Truth About Anti-Aging Products, HGH Supplements, and Injectable HGH

What are acceptable methods of increasing HGH/IGF-1 Levels?

The fact is – the only form of HGH that works is injection. The various HGH sprays, HGH pills and supplements haven’t been proven to raise IGF1 levels.

The bodily changes associated with aging are due to the natural levels of HGH and IGF-1 decreasing progressively after young adulthood. The age-related decrease frequently seen in adult men and women can be slowed down or delayed by increasing your HGH and IGF-1 levels.

Only Human Growth Hormone injections are effective and are approved for raising HGH levels to a normal healthful range.

What About Secretagogues Like Sermorelin or HGH Precursors?

The only effective HGH releaser is Sermorelin Acetate, beyond real Injectable HGH. Sermorelin Injections cause the releases of more growth hormone by stimulating your pituitary. Unfortunately, HGH pills and HGH sprays are not effective as Growth Hormone Deficiency treatments. Many companies promote various pills, elixirs, sprays or creams that are claimed to contain useful amounts of HGH. They claim that these products are released into the body through topical, oral, sublingual or nasal administration. Since there’s no scientific research proving this, you should be very skeptical of such claims. None of the published benefits of injected human growth hormone have been objectively measured with oral tablets, capsules, HGH pills or HGH sprays.

HGH is a very large polypeptide hormone with 191 amino acids in exact sequence, maintained in a three-dimensional shape. Safe and accurately assembled HGH uses recombinant DNA technology that requires elaborate, exact and monitored methods. Any other source of HGH, even animals, simply doesn’t work in humans. Similar animal molecules have been shown to be species-specific and unable to mimic the effect of the human molecule. There’s no naturally occurring plant source of HGH.

HGH Pills and Sprays vs Real Human Growth Hormone Injections

HGH injections or Somatropin are the only effective methods of clinically increasing deficient hormone levels. Patients can age better and, with authentic HGH treatment, look and feel years younger. Healthy aging is possible with real growth hormone replacement provided under a licensed doctor’s supervision. HGH sold online as anti-aging pills, sprays, liquids, creams and other supplements do not contain real HGH and can be purchased from many websites without a doctor’s prescription. To buy real HGH injections, you must have a prescription from your doctor. If you decide to buy HGH pills instead of real somatropin shots, you should get the facts and know the truth about what the pill companies are putting in their “HGH supplements”. Once you realize what you are actually buying is not prescription HGH, you can proceed to determine if you want to take real human growth hormones safely and legally or not. 

Real HGH and How to Get it at Optimal Health MD

When real HGH is prescribed, the bottle will state that it is rDNA Somatropin for injection, which is FDA-approved Recombinant Human Growth Hormone, rHGH, GH, Growth Hormone, Somatropin or Somatotropin. The genuine growth hormone injector pens and cartridges are manufactured by Pfizer, Sandoz, EMD Merck Bio-Identical HGH, Teva, Genentech, Novo Nordisk or Eli Lilly. Don’t take anything claiming to be natural HGH pills, sprays or supplements that contain real HGH or Somatotropin. The HGH pills, sprays and supplements don’t actually contain real HGH or can’t be verified. Be sure to buy HGH only from a licensed medical center and US-based pharmacy. We’re the top HGH supplier in the United States, so be sure to call our hormone center to get real GH and prescribing information.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licenses and oversees companies that produce HGH. HGH manufacturing companies must register and verify their methods and product regarding uniformity of quality, bioavailability, safety, and demonstrated effectiveness. HGH is unable to penetrate intact membranes to any substantial degree, making the use of any spray or oral product of HGH ineffective. The technology to make HGH is patented by large pharmaceutical companies and is restricted by law to their use. It’s an expensive manufacturing process, making the cost of HGH expensive. To be legal and effective, HGH can only be administered by injection by prescription under the supervision of a licensed physician through a licensed clinic or pharmacy.

There are many concerns regarding the claims made by non-FDA approved companies that offer HGH products in oral pill or spray forms. 

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