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Typical OHMD Patient?

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What are the typical Patient Profile characteristics of age, physical status, and symptoms, that you treat at Optimal Health?

At Optimal Health we are often providing remedial and therapeutic services to men ranging from Late 30s all the way up to 60s and 70s suffering symptoms of low energy, low libido or diminishing sexual sensitivity as well as performance, mental fog, and memory loss, slowing metabolism and unhealthy weight gain. along with several premature aging-related ailments.

What active solutions in Anti-Aging are you finding most successful for Patients?

After our Optimal Health medical experts perform a thorough analysis of the patients’ internal blueprint/blood test and physical status, we are able to identify and pinpoint Hormonal deficiencies that are a direct cause of many of these ailments. We are then able to Prescribe a “Hormonal Balance Solution” that not only invigorates more youthful levels of these key hormones, but we also restore the ratio and synergistic relationship of key hormones to be more analogous to the peak performance status of their youth. 

And now with the addition of the ‘PowerWave’ Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) allowing us to restore and rejuvenate the “youthful and vital blood flow” to the critical area of the pelvic platform in both men and women, Optimal Health has the unique ability to perform and maintain complete Age Management services, elevating all aspects of our patients’ quality of life, from restoring vitality, energy, stamina, better mental cognition and focus, therefore raising their bar to peak performance in work, recreation, sports, and yes, sexual function.

What are the typical Patient Results from the Optimal Health treatments?

The results reported by Optimal Health’s patients are often dramatic, with men experiencing stark improvements in both sexual drive and performance ranging from 25% to 90% depending on previous deficiencies. They also report similar levels of improvement in their athleticism and ability to enjoy sports, exercise, or hobbies, along with much healthier weight management.  Our patients consistently report a marked improvement in health and overall quality of life. 

While many people are vulnerable to “Procrastination” and may not approach, investigate or come to Optimal Health with their symptoms until they become debilitative or impairing their quality of life, we encourage and are experiencing a higher percentage of patients that are coming for blood work and “earlier detection” of these symptoms. This allows our Optimal Health medical team to provide a better solution that yields our patients a smoother transition to healthier aging, and avoids the dramatic adjustment to a big hormonal decline, which is always a preferred method to attaining healthier aging, long-term stability and preserving youthful hormone levels without the harsher roller coaster impact on the hormonal equation.