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What is the Best Way to Increase HGH? Do Pills, Sprays or Liquids Work?

HGH injections prescribed by a licensed medical physician are the only way to boost your Human Growth Hormone levels. Even though pills and liquids are sold online without a prescription at a much lower cost than real therapeutic growth hormone, they simply do not work. Because Oral HGH compounds must be digested in the stomach and pass through the liver rendering any real HGH inactive, they are unable to raise your hormone levels. 

HGH Injection Results – The Results of Using Real Human Growth Hormone

Prescription HGH is a potent hormone medication prescribed only for the medical purpose intended. HGH treatment results can help relieve age-related hormone symptoms and the effects can be intense. For Hormone Replacement Therapy, your physician will prescribe genuine growth hormone or somatropin. In order to get a growth hormone prescription from a physician you must qualify after having a physical examination, a hormone blood test, medical evaluation and diagnosis of low HGH levels showing a deficiency. A treatment program individually formulated for you once a diagnosis is made includes dosage, type of injectable somatropin, and frequency of dosing. HGH drug medications should always be obtained through a licensed doctor or US-based pharmacy to ensure the injections you are getting are safe and legal. Call us today or fill out the Free Consultation form to speak to one of our Optimal Health Hormone Specialists or receive more information via phone or e-mail.

HGH Shots vs Pills vs Liquids – Does injectable HGH or do HGH sprays or pills like GHR1000®, Sytropin®, GenFx® or genF20 Plus® work? 

Injectable somatropin is what you need in order to benefit from Human Growth Hormone. Because the growth hormone molecule is destroyed when taken orally by stomach digestive juices and the liver, HGH liquids and sprays do not work to raise HGH in adults.

Ineffective HGH Oral Sprays and Liquids

Even though HGH liquids and sprays are ineffective at raising HGH in adults, there are many products available for sale.

  • Antler Velvet GH Booster. This form of HGH has received a lot of attention recently. Famous athletes like Ray Lewis and Vijay Singh have claimed Deer Antler spray helps them heal from their injuries. Red meat also presents the same effects through the small amount of insulin-like growth factor 1 that is present. Chinese medicine has used deer antlers for centuries. The Antler Velvet supplement is not tested for or banned in any U.S. professional sport because of the method of absorption. Several studies have shown that this supplement is effective at improving endurance, heart strength and muscle repair. Even though it was originally used for medicine in China 2,000 years ago and later across Asia, it has more recently been used by athletes looking for a way to get growth hormone benefits without being in violation of the anti-doping rules of their sports organizations. However, the claims that this is a successful treatment remain anecdotal. 
  • Sytropin HGH is another spray that has been shown to be somewhat effective for athletes, but it is no replacement for real growth hormone injections. Sytropin is formulated by combining highly effective amino acid releasers and HGH. It is promoted as one of the best supplements on the market but has no pharmaceutical grade HGH in it. Like Antler Velvet, this spray is not prohibited by any amateur or professional sports programs in the United States. You can get this supplement online or in some health stores without a physician’s prescription. Even though health supplements are not controlled by the United States Federal Drug Administration, Sytropin is packaged in a Food and Drug Administration compliant facility. This ensures you that Sytropin is safe. However, it is NOT an effective hormone replacement treatment.

Why HGH Liquids & Pills are Not Effective

For adults with HGH deficiency, HGH liquids are not effective in boosting hormone levels to normal range.

Liquid HGH, an oral anti-aging liquid concentrate, usually contains several amino acids that can naturally raise Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels. Almost all these liquid HGH products, including sublingual and spray products, contain basically no real Growth Hormone. These liquid HGH products contain amino acids that can result in a very minor natural HGH boost, increased energy and in anti-aging effects. Amino acid compound effects are very much like intense exercise, adequate rest and diet.

Some HGH pill suppliers assert that in addition to building muscles and burning fat, HGH liquids and sprays can smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, and boost libido. Amino acids certainly are important to good health, including sexual health and function. 

Typical HGH Boosting Liquid and Pill Ingredients include:

• L-Arginine

• L-Lysine

• L-Glutamine

• L-Glycine

• Histidine

• Carnitine

• L-Cysteine

• Tyrosine

• Isoleucine

• Leucine

• N-acetyl-L-Cysteine

• Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine.

Other Natural Growth Hormone Products Available, but Not Proven

• Serovital®: One of the latest HGH products, Serovital, claims to be backed by ten U.S. patents and declares a 600 percent rise in growth hormone levels. Trying to find the basis for Serovital’s claims, many researchers have been unable to establish if the study results were about Serovital itself or just the ingredients it uses. Because there have been no definitive findings, there is no documented proof that Serovital works.

• GenF20 Plus®: Publicized as ‘one of the best anti-aging hormone releasers on the market today,’ GenF20Plus is manufactured by anti-aging vitamin supplement producers and does not have genuine HGH in it. For effective hormone replacement therapy, non-prescription GenF20 Plus is NOT doctor recommended.