Colorado Hormone Therapy


Colorado Health Rejuvenation for More Energy and Stamina to Enjoy Gorgeous Nature and Extreme Sports

Colorado is known for its endless mountain ranges and ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains. Every winter, people flock to the state to enjoy all that it has to offer, including skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, and tubing. The same goes for spring and summer, except people visit mostly to enjoy the natural beauty, cycling, hiking, and hot springs.

In recent years, Colorado has become popular for its marijuana legalization. Tourism rose 51 percent since 2014 because of legalization, and it’s expected to rise even more. Legalization of marijuana is a big asset to the state as the industry has brought in $5.2 billion in marijuana sales since it was legalized.

The film industry has found Colorado to be an excellent backdrop for movies. For those that enjoy indoor entertainment, Colorado hosts a number of film festivals, including  Aspen ShortsfestBoulder International Film FestivalCastle Rock Film FestivalDenver Film FestivalFestivus Film Festival (ended in 2013), Mile High Horror Film FestivalMoondance International Film FestivalMountainfilm in TellurideRocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, and Telluride Film Festival. Many movies have been filmed in Colorado, including True GritThe Searchers, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Colorado is a vast land with its vibrant landscape of mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands. With such diversity, Colorado has something for every outdoor enthusiast.

In order to be able to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer you need to be in good health and feel well. Your Quality of Life is affected by your personal Hormonal Balance, which affects your core metabolism, your energy levels throughout the day, your sexual function and health, your immune support, and even your mental cognition and memory function. Hormonal Balance is necessary to be able to enjoy a productive life and a beautiful state like Colorado.

Hormonal Imbalances are classically evident and manifested through the following symptoms:

  • Decreased Energy
  • Decreased Sexual Interest and Drive
  • Decreased overall sense of Well-Being
  • Decreasing Muscle Strength
  • Decreasing Mental Acuity and Memory Function
  • Decreasing Sleep Quality
  • Increased Skin Conditions
  • Increased Weight Gain

At Optimal Health MD we provide full Hormonal Balancing, and customized therapy protocols according to “Mayo Clinic” Guidelines, the World's leading Institution, and most widely respected authority where most of the breakthrough studies on human behavior, sexual function, menopausal treatments and hormonal studies originated.

Our Therapy Protocols are customized to fit each individual patient (male or female) according to their age, weight, physiology, genetic history and unique symptoms, as no two humans are alike.

All patient therapy begins at the discovery and symptom identification phase which requires a full and in-depth blood test and Dr. analysis, which is complimentary, as we do not request or collect any physician fees or monitoring costs from our patients, throughout the therapy duration. The Lab results are obviously vital, and provide our Doctors with a proverbial “Health Blueprint” identifying your exact hormonal levels, and their subsequent deficiencies so that we can then map out the proper “Hormonal Solution” to correct your symptoms that are a direct result of such imbalances.

However, we treat patients and their unique symptoms, we don't just treat Lab Results. A patient's unique family genetics and history, current ongoing related maladies, and potential medications prescribed for other conditions, individual symptoms, body weight challenges and maintenance, together must be taken into consideration and factored into a therapy protocol solution. Our doctors specialize in Internal Medicine, are Certified in Age Management Medicine, and are fully trained through the CENEGEGICS Hormone Therapy program.

In order to begin HGH therapy, you will be required to have in-depth blood tests. 

Below are some of the key locations where we can schedule these tests in Colorado

Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, there’s plenty to do and see in Colorado. If you’re looking for health rejuvenation so you will have more energy and stamina to be able to enjoy the gorgeous nature and extreme sports available, our hormone therapy center in South Florida provides Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for those experiencing symptoms of low or deficient Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or low or deficient Testosterone no matter where you live in Colorado. Call our Specialized Team at Optimal Health MD today for a Free Consultation