When the band The Mamas and the Papas sang about a winter’s day while “California Dreaming,” they alluded to both the natural beauty of California and, specifically, the vibrant lifestyle of Los Angeles. Like this famous 60’s band, many people often dream of living in, or at least visiting, California.

That’s because California is considered the foundation of the American film industry, the hippie counterculture, fast food, beach and car culture, the Internet, and the personal computer. It’s the state of the “beautiful people,” where Hollywood meets ordinary people trying to live the active lifestyle of the state.

Not only are sports huge for spectators in California, so is the entertainment business. The energetic Hollywood lifestyle is thriving in the state. Movies and television are big business in California.

Besides the sports and entertainment industries, there’s plenty to do in nature with the Pacific Ocean bordering California’s west, the Mojave Desert, and the mountain ranges. This diversity allows for fishing, hiking, camping, surfing, and many other outdoor activities.

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